Types of walk behind lawn mower

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A walk behind lawn mower is a type of mower that depends on the force applied by the user pushing it from behind and also the blade sharpness used to trim grass. They do not depend upon any other source of power. Walk behind lawn mowers are simply mowers that you are required to stand behind while operating it. You push them along the grass to be able to trim the lawn. These types are less costly compared to the ride-on. Their blades are designed in such a way that they keep themselves sharpened to a certain level. The blades scrape along the cutter bar when the mower in engaged in usage. It is recommended that the blades be sharpened each and every year. Backlapping is the technique applied in sharpening the blades.Walk behind mowers are chosen basing on different factors that include fuel sources, power ratings and the different types available in the market. Knowing the right purpose of a mower will help you to use the best suited one accordingly. The walk behind lawn mowers are suitable for homeowners who require quality products and economical mulching mowers. The different types depend upon the area of your garden. The available types include side discharger, mulcher and rear baggers that store grass and cut leaves in a particular bag which is emptied when it gets full. The various types of walk behind lawn mowers include:• Cordless Mower – This mower operates on rechargeable batteries. With a single charge cycle, you can be able to trim a small to medium sized land which depends upon the length of grass, battery size and the capacity of the battery. Cordless walk behind mowers have a price that is a bit more than the kinds that need to be connected into an electric outlet, and are less hazardous and more easy to use.• Electric Mower – They are more preferred for mowing small to medium sized gardens to avoid the reel mowers which are human powered. Its usability is dependent on the length of the power cable, location of the power socket, and presence of any obstructions( like ponds, trees, walls, among others) that can interfere during the process of trimming your garden.• Gas Mower – The gas-powered lawn mowers offer the best desirable performance and power option to the users. They are a perfect choice for lawns that are dense or will very tall grass. They can mow lawns sized at 2000 square feet or a bit larger. You ought to ensure that the engine of the gas-powered lawn mower is maintained and serviced regularly.• Reel Mower – This is a human-powered mower which is environment-friendly, quiet, and does not need cords or recharging. These types will require lots of workouts due to the constant pulling and pushing. You also have to consider the length of the grass. These types of mowers are pushed by a human to enable the extremely sharp blades to commence spinning to trim the grass.Walk-behind mowers power measurements is done in volts, amps or watts. The engines are grouped into two categories: two-stroke/two-cycle which provide more driving force and thrust and four-stroke/four-cycle.

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